🆓 Freedom Ain’t 🍺 Free: The True Cost of Independence

On 21 December 2023 - 4 minutes to read
Free As In Freedom Is Not Free As In Beer


🔗 Bridging Ideals and Reality: The Pragmatic Vision of Bitcoin Usage 🌐

Amid the incessant buzz around cryptocurrencies, a deeply polarized discussion often emerges, shedding light on the existential purpose of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. While purists advocate for its uncompromised usage paralleling fiat currencies, the mechanisms underpinning Bitcoin reveal a complex, less unilateral purpose. This blog explores the entangled perspectives and aspirations that define Bitcoin’s role in our digital ecosystem.

🤺 Clashing Philosophies: Hume’s Insight into Bitcoin Debates 🎩👓

Scottish philosopher David Hume introduced the ‘is/ought’ problem, urging a clear demarcation between descriptive statements of what is and normative statements of what ought to be. In the realm of Bitcoin, supporters on both sides often blur these lines, with advocates arguing for what Bitcoin should represent, potentially clouding their perception of its current state.

Hume’s principle, often depicted as a ‘guillotine,’ is not merely a philosophical musing but a call for unbiased reasoning in assessing Bitcoin’s role and potential. It’s an analytical tool to cut through convoluted debates, especially where biases convert desires into perceived realities—the notion that Bitcoin is not only a technological innovation but a vehicle for societal standards.

💡 The Cost of Decentralization: Unpacking the High Price of Autonomy 💲🛠️

Decentralization stands as a bedrock principle in the cryptocurrency domain. Yet, an understanding of its intrinsic workings reveals an inconvenient truth: it is inherently costly. The allure of a decentralized system being available to all is weighed against the reality of its operational expenses.

Bitcoin epitomizes such an example where, by opting for a smaller block size to lower network validation costs, it has inadvertently made transactions more exclusive. This design choice implies high transaction fees as a necessary trade-off for maintaining decentralization—a cost that is not merely financial but also conceptual, reinforcing the scarcity and value of network access.

🆓 Freedom Over Frugality: Bitcoin’s True Currency is Autonomy ⛓️🔓

The quest for affordable transactions within decentralized frameworks remains a controversial topic, with many misconstruing potency for affordability. The implementation of Layer 2 technologies like the Lightning Network erroneously kindles hopes for a cheap Bitcoin, but instead, it augments the blockchain’s capabilities, inevitably increasing demand and, therefore, costs.

Such advancements strengthen the functionality of Bitcoin, conferring greater value rather than reducing expense. Underlying this is a profound distinction: Bitcoin was never meant to be a bargain but a bastion of freedom—self-governance and resistance to censorship that comes with a premium.

🏦 Bitcoin’s Destiny: A Haven for Savings, Not a Conduit for Consumption 💰🚫

Omnipresent stablecoins in the financial markets illustrate a clear appetite for inexpensive digital payments, but Bitcoin was never tailored to fulfill this role. Its architecture is rooted in durability rather than discount. Contrary to serving as a utility for everyday payments, it is envisaged as a safeguard—an asset not to be squandered on trivial transactions.

Decentralized networks, by their nature, aren’t conducive to the demands of retail payments, characterized by their cost, latency, and rigidness. To use Bitcoin for mundane purchases is as paradoxical as it is impractical, underscoring a future where Bitcoin is cherished as reserve money, not a convenience currency.

💡This blog is an attempt to navigate the convolution surrounding Bitcoin’s purpose and cost structure, which often sparks heated debates in the cryptocurrency sphere. It’s a testimony to the immutable fact that Bitcoin’s value is contingent on the balance between its ideological aspirations and its functional capacities. As Hume’s guillotine humbly suggests, it is crucial to separate what we desire from what actually is, in order to pragmatically appreciate and harness the capabilities and limits of such groundbreaking technological phenomena.

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