🚀 Bitcoin Bonanza: Lolli Rakes in $8M in Series B Funding! 💰

On 14 December 2023 - 4 minutes to read
Bitcoin Rewards Platform Lolli Concludes $8M Series B Funding Round
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🛍️ Cashback to Crypto: Lolli’s Sweet Journey to Financial Innovation 🎉💸


Imagine living in a world where the everyday act of shopping rewards you with digital gold. In this rapidly evolving marketplace, cashback is no longer just a fraction of savings; it’s a gateway to owning a slice of the future. With the robust surge of bitcoin’s value, the advent of platforms like Lolli signifies an epoch of transformation—a synergy between the retail domain and the burgeoning cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In this inspirational odyssey, we delve into the plot twist worthy success story of Lolli. From its inception to the latest infusion of an $8 million Series B bounty, we chart the remarkable growth of the rewards-based crypto platform championed by industry giants. This blog serves as a beacon to entrepreneurs perched on the edge of innovation, showing the potential of marrying conventional commerce with forward-thinking rewards strategies.

The Conception of a Revolutionary Idea

Cashback systems have long tickled the fancy of thrifty shoppers, but Lolli’s birth heralded a new era—the acquisition of bitcoin rewards. Spawned in the minds of savvy innovators in 2018, Lolli swiftly gained momentum by offering more than mere savings; it offered investment.

The idea, simple yet profound, declared war on traditional rewards programs, shaping a vision where each purchase seeded potential wealth. In the nascent stages, Lolli’s battles were against consumer skepticism and the daunting task of forging partnerships with top-tier retailers. Yet, their tenacity ensured that each roadblock sculpted a more resolute commitment to their mission.

🌟 The Genesis of Growth: Series B Funding Success

With the e-commerce universe as their playground, Lolli’s ascent saw a seminal moment with the announcement of their $8 million Series B funding. Piloted by BITKRAFT Ventures and flanked by visionaries such as Sfermion, Prisma Ventures, and Hypersphere Ventures, this chapter in Lolli’s saga personifies the daring leap from a start-up to a champion of financial gamification.

The company’s CEO, Alex Adelman’s vision of bringing bitcoin to the masses through exhilarating earning experiences found resonance among a conclave of believers doubling down on their earlier bets. The belief in a system where everyone from the casual shopper to the zealous penny-pincher learns, earns, and owns bitcoin propelled the platform to new heights.

🚀 The Acceleration: Expanding Horizons

The investment was not just monetary; it was a vote of confidence in Lolli’s trajectory. The focus turned towards scaling up, with the race to recruit not just users, but enthusiasts who saw their purchases as investments in a digital future. Strategies unfolded—ranging from an expansion of their impressive 25,000 merchant network to aggressive user engagement campaigns.

Every strategic maneuver was aimed at a singular vision—to construct the most painless onramp to the cryptosphere, engendered by the simplest human behavior: shopping.

💡 The Enlightenment: Embracing Technology and Partnerships

Insights burgeoned with each advancement. Lolli demonstrated the power of fusing traditional commerce with innovative technology, positioning itself as the nexus where shopping meets saving meets earning. The key takeaway? An unparalleled user experience forged through strategic alliances and tech mastery.

Getting on the mirage-like crypto bandwagon was no longer an elitist endeavor; it became accessible, comprehensible, and, most importantly, doable. Potential pitfalls like market volatility and integration complexities were addressed through user education and seamless technology.

🔮 The Vision: Shaping the Reward Ecosystem of Tomorrow

Lolli’s roadmap glistens with prospects, primed for a future that heralds their patented multi-currency rewards system. The client roster is poised to burgeon, promising a panorama where neobanks, exchanges, and payment platforms offer bespoke branded rewards experiences through Lolli’s technology.

The user base, thus far relishing up to 30% bitcoin rewards, fuels a collective dream. Lolli stands at the cusp of a revolution—redefining the approach to rewards and establishing itself as the bellwether of the industry.


Lolli’s epic unfolds not as a tale of mere survival but as a beacon of thriving innovation. As bitcoin price fluctuates, their users aren’t just saving; they’re forecasting their financial heft in a world enamored with digital currencies. This story is about resilience, a pioneering spirit, and an unwavering belief in the transformative potential of combining the old-world charm of cashback with the allure of cryptocurrency.

Now, as we gaze upon the horizon dotted with Lolli’s progressive milestones, the fertile question arises: what could be the next quantum leap for this avant-garde platform? The possibilities are as boundless as the blockchain itself.

Are you ready to join the movement and redefine the scope of what’s possible within your organization? Connect with me on [LinkedIn] to explore how you can harness the power of financial innovation and embark on a journey of unparalleled rewards. 🚀🌟


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