🔒💡 Robust Intelligence Joins Forces with NEC’s New LLM for Unbeatable AI Security!

On 21 December 2023 - 4 minutes to read
Robust Intelligence selected as AI security partner for NEC’s new LLM
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🔒 Unlocking the Potential of AI with Robust Security Measures through NEC’s Partnership with Robust Intelligence 🌐

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has catalyzed an unprecedented inroad in the way businesses operate. AI has not only optimized processes but also cultivated new avenues for innovation and growth. However, with the rewards come significant risks, particularly in the realm of AI security. In the midst of this AI revolution, one company’s initiative stands out: NEC’s groundbreaking collaboration with Robust Intelligence, setting a new benchmark for secure AI deployment.

Pioneering a Frontier of Secure AI

The union between NEC and Robust Intelligence is a testament to the collective vision of a world where AI can be leveraged securely and efficiently. By selecting Robust Intelligence as the AI security partner for NEC’s burgeoning large language model (LLM), a decisive step is taken towards mitigating risks associated with AI. This partnership heralds a new chapter in AI utilization—one underscored by vigilance and protective oversight.

The Plight of AI Security

As AI models become increasingly integral to business operations, the specter of unmanaged risks looms large. Security leaders grapple with the challenge of safeguarding these complex systems, particularly generative models whose outcomes are elusive and distributed in real-time. With 48% of executives spotlighting AI security as their primary concern, the urgency for robust safeguards is more palpable than ever.

A Strategic Resolve for Safer AI Ventures

With foresight and strategic resolve, NEC recognizes the need to entrench AI security within its generative AI business strategy. This endeavor aims not only to safeguard industry-specific generative AI but also to distil a beacon of trust for global enterprises. NEC aspires to catalyze a generative AI metamorphosis, spanning from singular corporate utilization to industry-wide transformations, through this discerning focus.

🧬 The Synergy of Robust Intelligence & NEC

NEC’s partnership with Robust Intelligence epitomizes a unified approach to instilling confidence in the enterprise sector. Through this collaborative venture, enterprises can assuredly integrate NEC-developed generative models into their applications. LLMs will undergo stringent risk assessments, fortified by continuous validation and a battery of automated tests—ensuring compliance with the highest standards of AI security and regulatory mandates.

The Influx of Transformative AI in Business

Yaron Singer, the CEO and co-founder of Robust Intelligence, articulates the transformative potential of generative AI within diversifying industries. However, along with this groundbreaking potential, a novel solution is required—to reconcile the fortification of AI systems with the need to nurture innovation. This alliance with NEC embodies just that, fostering an environment where powerful and secure AI technologies thrive.

🌠 The Future Horizon of Generative AI

The transformative journey doesn’t end here. The roadmap ahead for NEC and Robust Intelligence is rich with prospects of expansion, promising to bolster sophisticated AI models. The goal is clear: to navigate the treacherous waters of AI risks and emerge with a muster of generative intelligence that is not only powerful but also impervious to the threats that may impede innovation.

Conclusion: A New Dawn for AI Utilization

The partnership between NEC and Robust Intelligence is the harbinger of a new dawn for AI applications. It’s a collaboration charged with the promise of secure, reliable, and resilient AI structures that stand as a bastion against the vulnerabilities of the digital age. Looking ahead, this synergy is poised to stoke the fires of progress, nurturing a future where generative AI becomes an ever-present, yet secure, catalyst for business and industry transformation.

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